Saturday, June 30, 2007

The ABC/Disney Fellowship is actually Disney/ABC

Unfortunately I discovered that AFTER everything was printed out and I was in the UPS Store. Ah well, it's in the mail, and hopefully the good folks at Disney/ABC won't count it against us.

Thank god for notaries on Saturday :)

I found some additions to my list of contests coming up.

ABC/Disney (July 1)
Carl Sautter Television Outreach (July 7)
AAA Teleplay (July 15)
Warner Bros. Writers Workshop (August 1)
Scriptapalooza TV (October 15 ... I feel like we just entered it)


Julie Goes To Hollywood said...

Best wishes on Disney. One word of advice: get back in touch with your Native American roots. This goes double for Sundance Labs, natch.

m said...

Yeah, I don't think I meet the levels of diversity that, ironically, seem to be exactly the same for each person selected (judging from the bios).

Hey Josh, send me your email addy, I'll send you that Rescue Me.

Josh said...

I'm crossing my fingers and going with the hope that my writing partner is "diverse" enough for both of us. She's a double-whammy: a half-Brazilian woman. (Speaking of which, when did 51 percent of the population become a minority? Oh, right, when men decided women weren't allowed to do anything a few millenia ago. Stupid men. Didn't they realize how this would affect me now?)

Anyway, if her "diversity" isn't enough, I can always get some tanning pills and go all C. Thomas Howell on them.