Thursday, June 28, 2007

Contestable is only a syllable away from detestable

The season for writing contests is winding down--at least for entering them. I suppose it's actually ramping up in terms of winning or placing in something.

Having only previously entered Bravo's Situation Comedy a few years ago (sans writing partner and any truly viable scripts), this is my first year of ever really being involved in the process. I gotta be honest, it's pretty ... boring.

As the annointed keeper of the contests for my writing partner and myself (she has a real job; I'm an assistant with that rarest of creatures, an entertainment executive who doesn't believe in having me handle her personal life), I mostly feel like I'm marking time until we get back to working on our next TV spec. (It was going to be a Battlestar until we learned there's only one more year. Now....) Updating the contest/fellowship list is kind of mind-numbing and unsatisfying...though I'm sure I'll feel differently if we actually win anything.

Ah well, repetition improves memory, so...


Acclaim TV
Austin Film Festival
Screenwriting Expo

ABC/Disney (July 1)
AAA Teleplay (July 15)

I feel like there must be more coming up, but that's all I've got so far.

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