Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Or am I just reading this wrong? It looks like there were maybe seven people hired for new and returning fall shows as "staff writers," the position pretty much all new writers move into when they get staffed on a TV show. Seriously? Out of the dozens of shows on the air, only seven *new* writers were hired? I must be missing something. Hopefully, I'm missing a whole lot of something, because otherwise this whole breaking into TV writing thing just got a lot more daunting.


Shawna said...

It is not a complete list. I personally know 2 writers who are on staff as new 'baby' writers who are not listed there.

I don't know how Futon Critic would have the list of all the staff writers of all the shows anyway.

m said...

Despite it saying "staff writer", I recognize most of those names as producer level. David Rosenthal for instance just came off od Gilmore as EP.