Thursday, July 5, 2007

Determinedly Deciding Dexter

So that's it. We've decided. Our next spec will be a Dexter, and I really hope we've got something with this idea. Also, I have new alliterative respect for Jeff Lindsay, and profusely apologize for "determinedly." YOU try to think of another "d" word that makes sense.

On two completely separate notes, Jill Golick has a nice breakdown of the pretty decent pilot of Burn Notice. She discusses what she's noticed about how to parse out the scenes for your A, B, and C plots (not to mention M and K) throughout the overall story. I'd explain further, but she does it much better than I could.

Note two is more of a question to myself...or others, I'm not picky. Recently I've been looking into the usefulness of taking a few UCLA Extension courses in TV writing. I'm wondering if anyone has ever taken one (or knows someone who has) and what their experiences were. I'd rather not drop several hundred dollars--not to mention valuable hours of my time--unless it's worthwhile.


Fun Joel said...


(okay, I'll stop. ;-) )

Matt said...

Well, I'm currently signed up for Course 430.4: Beginning Writing for the One-Hour Drama: Building the Story and the Outline.

I'm taking it online now, so that when I move out there, I can take the Intermediate course in person. I've heard it's a good way to network and make contacts, so here's hoping that it's worth MY money, at least...

I'll let you know what I think when I'm done.