Thursday, July 19, 2007

It's an honor just to be ignored

It's official: I'm the millionth person to blog about the Emmy Nominations being released today. I'm told that my prize is in the mail, but I don't see how since I never gave anyone my address...weird.

This is the time of year I feel oddly ashamed as a wannabe TV writer, since it's inevitable that I won't have seen several of the nominated shows...or at least don't watch them regularly enough to agree or disagree with the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences voters that I so want to be a part of.

The shows I can't have an opinion on this year are:

For Comedy

30 Rock
Two and a Half Men
The New Adventures of Old Christine
How I Met Your Mother
My Name Is Earl

For Drama

Boston Legal
The Sopranos
Rescue Me
Brothers & Sisters
The Closer
Law & Order: SVU

*Note* I included all shows nominated in major (i.e. acting, writing, or best show) categories that I either have never watched or did not watch enough of this year to feel like I can accurately gauge said show. If only the actual voters had the same restriction...

For several of these I saw a handful of episodes, and there are a number that I used to watch but for whatever reason didn't this year...but sadly, there are quite a few that I've never seen at all. Bad writer! BAD! Ah well, I'll find more hours this fall somewhere.

And because it will be a cold day in hell when I don't offer an unsolicited opinion, what's with the absolutely unsurprisingly fact that Dexter only got nominations for editing, main title and theme? Really? I never expected it to get a (deserved) nomination for Best Drama, but not even an acting nod to Micheal C. Hall? Who's a serial killer gotta slice up to get a fair shot in this town?

Oh well, just enjoy the title sequence below since I'm too lazy to figure out how to include the video as part of this post.


Matt said...

Ronald D. Moore got nominated for Occupation/Precipice. That alone makes it worthwhile for me. Almost excuses all the other gross oversights on the list (obvious ones: Lost. Less obvious: FNL).

And seriously, why does ANYBODY watch Heroes? It boggles the mind.

Josh said...

I find Heroes to be simultaneously the most surprising (in a good way) and frustrating show on television. For every time the acting or dialogue feels wooden or the plot does something too familiar or silly, they pull me back in with twists, turns and surprises that I don't expect. Give Heroes another year or so to mature and find itself.

Matt said...

I could have also given Studio 60 a year or so to mature and find itself, but that ain't happening. I can't really blame NBC, they did the right thing, but I always kind of wonder what a second season of Studio 60 would've been like.

And I've heard a lot of good things about Heroes. Enough to make me check out the show every now and again. But man, everytime I see the show I just don't...get it. And I certainly don't get the Emmy nom, when there are many, many more deserving shows out there (see my most recent blog post for examples...)

Josh said...

Fair enough. Although I'd argue that Studio 60 and Sorkin is an example of a bad marriage of material to writer. I LOVE West Wing/Sports Night Sorkin, and Studio 60 had some great moments, but overall, tying in heavy socio-political commentary (Sorkin's forte) to a late-night comedy show just didn't work. Not that this CAN'T be done, but the way it was handled just gave the show feel heavy-handed and self-important. And that's not even touching on the meddling of the network....