Monday, July 23, 2007

No wonder everyone (and hopefully their mother unless their mother is really good) is writing one

Ugly Betty is an incredibly well-written show. Sure it's over-the-top and ridiculous and soap-opera-y, but that actually makes what they accomplish week after week that much more impressive.

Almost every single character on this show is not only a stereotype, but a cardboard cutout of a human being. Yet somehow, the writers have been able to discover real, human moments for even the most outrageously exaggerated characters--while still maintaining their over-the-top exaggeratedness. Even more important to me, the disparate strands of each episode so far have worked to explore a common theme. It's something that had me absolutely hooked on the first several episodes of Lost, and (despite my renewed love for Hurley and crew) something that I think the show sorely misses.

My writing partner and I recently downloaded (legally, of course) the entire first season of Betty and lovingly devoured it in a week. And even though the last few episodes let me down a little bit (a few characters suddenly seemed dumber and conflict/danger started to feel more based on chance and coincidence), I have enough confidence in the staff to highly recommend checking Betty out.

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