Monday, July 23, 2007

On the Books: The Unfinished Story of An Emotional Journey

Recently applied for a writers' assistant position. Especially since it's still in process, but probably even afterward since I don't want to violate any company policies or piss anybody off, I can't tell you exactly what happened. In lieu of the details, join me for my emotional journey of the past week, followed by the few important facts I think I can tell.

Monday--nervous excitement followed by frantic questioning of my intelligence
Tuesday--acceptance and calm patience
Wednesday--slowly building frustration and anger
Thursday--resignation and a shifting of focus, then shock and confusion, quickly followed by absolute giddiness
Friday--nervousness, then relief, then more nervousness and impatience

The quick, important facts:
1. Submitted script
2. Writer/Directors liked script, want to meet
3. Delays

And as of this morning, the meeting is finally on the books for tomorrow (subject to availability and last minute schedule changes which I suppose really falls under availability).

But...successful professional writers like my work. Whatever happens, that's already a win.

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Matt said...

Kick-ASS, man. Tell us the details as soon as you possibly can.