Thursday, August 30, 2007

Awesome or Easy? I choose both.

Either Jul and I rock and are awesome or we entered a relatively easy (and cheap!) contest.

Both of our specs at least made their semi-finals:

CAPTURE FOOTBALL by John Digman - TV Series Premise
CRIMINAL MINDS: MOTHER, DEAREST by Lori Queirolo - Teleplay
CULINARY TRAVELS by Mariss Mickel - TV Series Premise
GEEKS: A LOVE STORY by Andrew Fisk - Screenplay
GILMORE GIRLS: THE TRIALS OF SISTERHOOD by Juliana Weiss & Josh Roessler - Teleplay
GOOD GENES by Ramona Taylor - Screenplay
NCIS: .892 MILES by Juliana Weiss & Josh Roessler - Teleplay
ONE PERFECT DAY by Andrew Fisk - Screenplay
SALES FORCE by Don Riemer - Screenplay
SHADES RUN: IN THE BEGINNING by Anthony Medina - Teleplay
SHE WHO WALKS WITH SPIRITS by Charro Wongittilin - Drawing
SHUFFLE UP AND DEAL by David Brummel - TV Series Premise
SLEEPING WATER by Gabiann Marin - Screenplay
STONE'S COMPASS by Ramona Taylor - Screenplay
SUICIDE PEAK by Rick Suttle - Novel
THE JACKAL LANTERN by Kenneth Kent - TV Series Premise
THE KNUCKLEBALLER by Mike Murphy - Screenplay
THE LIGHTHOUSE by Karen Power - Screenplay
TRUE DETECTIVE by Andrew Fisk - Screenplay
TWO EMPIRES by Harold Garner - Drawing
TWO EMPIRES by Harold Garner - Graphic Novel
WHITE LIGHT CAB CO. by Gabiann Marin - TV Series Premise
WHITE LIGHT CAB CO. PILOT by Gabiann Marin - Teleplay
WHY MEN LIE by Steve Harper & Ed Manfre - Screenplay

I added Jul's name here because they only allow you to use one name in their registration.

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