Friday, August 24, 2007

Into the Room...sort of...

My job as a writers'/directors' assistant officially began this week. Huzzah and kudos.

And though the production I'm on is a feature and my writing partner and I are FAR more interested in television, one of many cool things about working with my bosses is that they come from TV--sitcoms, to be specific--and their writing room here works more like a TV writing room than most feature writing rooms. At least, I imagine it does. Do most features even have writing rooms? I have no idea.

Anyway, besides the obvious of bouncing ideas off of each other (yay for writing teams), they've seemed fine with me piping up with ideas every once in a while, and even have other TV writers who come in and work with them. Only one that I've actually interacted with so far, but I've heard tell of others popping in from time to time. The three main peeps I'll be working with for awhile are C, P and R, an acronym which I've sadly just discovered.

So it feels very much the way (once again) I IMAGINE a TV writing room feels while breaking the story. Awesome. Even sitting in the room is kind of cool even though I'm still kind of trying to figure out a balance between sitting quietly and taking notes, and obnoxiously interjecting ideas. Minus the obnoxious. Hopefully.

Mildly amusing anecdote: The first day in the room I sat and just typed as much as I could. I wasn't quite transcribing everything, but did try to get down all of the main points and ideas. After 15 minutes or so, R basically stopped me and told me I should just try to write down "The really good lines that we all seem to like and laugh at." I'm paraphrasing, but you get the idea. So I pretty much stopped typing. The lines and ideas they were tossing out kept changing and evolving, so it didn't seem like anything was permanent. Then, after maybe an hour (and after I'd written probably two or three more lines in total), R turned to me, mimed typing and said, "Write all of this down."

Buh-wha? But he said not to! Was I supposed to be writing everything? Were they going to be furious when they discovered that, instead of twelve pages of notes, I had roughly half a page?

So I wrote down what they were saying right then and read it back to make sure I'd gotten it correctly. And it was fine.

Hopefully.... They haven't asked for the notes yet....


Amanda said...

wow, very exciting! congrats! I'm always intrigued by writer's assistant stuff because it's the job you never hear much about (and certainly never see posted). I look forward to reading more about what happens in there.

John Reha said...

I'm very intrigued by this process. I've never heard of a Writer's Room for a movie, but maybe it's different in animation. Good job, Josh! This is going to rock.