Thursday, August 9, 2007


Well, it's happened. I've been personally tagged. And while I am normally the type of person who would shy away from this challenge, the simple truth is that I haven't had much to write about lately, so, why not.

Apparently somewhere along the line 7 Things became 10 Things. Who am I to argue?

This list, because it became longer than I expected, will just be the first 5. You'll have to wait in eager anticipation for 6-10 tomorrow.

1. I was too afraid to light a match until I was 9 or 10. But after I lit that first one, I became something of a firebug for awhile. I soaked things in alcohol, lit them and closed them in jars (learning a lesson in the process--glass shatters when it reaches a certain temperature); I poured colognes and perfumes onto our cement floor and created little trails of flame; and I even did the whole fireball thing using cologne/deodorant sprays. I was quite bored and lonely.

2. My mom was burned pretty badly in a fire when I was 4, which explains the whole not-able-to-light-matches thing. This one isn't exactly a secret (I've willingly told plenty of people, but it's not like I open conversations with it), and it isn't technically about me (other than the fact that I ran in and saw her burning and had to get the neighbors to call for help), but I think it counts. Go on, try to argue with the little kid who saw his mom burning. I dare you.

3. I made myself vomit before it was cool to do so. When I was younger, I lied and tricked my way out of a lot of days of school, and one of my tricks was the old finger down the throat. I know I'm not unique in doing this, but when I say a lot I mean a lot. Up until my senior year of high school, it was pretty typical for me to miss 20 days every year (20 days being the absolute highest number of sick absences you could have without failing). And, duh, of course I don't really think bulimia is cool. Bulimia was only cool back in Rome when the vomitoriums were in.

4. If my writing partner and I ever part ways, I fully expect her to make it...but I won't. Aww, I'm so warm and fuzzy. But not really. I've always been a good writer, but crafting a story? Not so much. I worked on drafts of a pilot for 3 years before Juliana came along and actually helped me create a plot. I'm shitacular at it. Getting a little better, but still shitacular. Also, in those 3 years I was writing and rewriting my pilot, guess how many specs I wrote. Zero. All I had were a couple of extremely sketchy ideas for Lost and The Simpsons. Yes, I seriously thought about speccing an 18-year-old show.

Don't get me wrong. I'm damn good, and I've definitely made Jul better and improved work that she's done. But by far she is smarter, more driven and has more marketable ideas. And, mostly, I can far too easily see myself giving up and just sitting on my ass in depressed, lazy complacency. I can't ever imagine her doing that.

5. I hate losing and am a big baby when I do. Seriously. I know it's completely immature and a good excuse not to do anything, but, well, it's probably a big part of why I just don't do a lot. Riding a bike: probably got pissed that I kept falling and stopped trying. Sports: same deal. I vividly remember playing Four Square when I was 8 or 9 and viciously spiking the ball into the face of one of my friends when I lost. Naturally I tried to play it off as a joke, but... Yeah, I'm a baby. Jul sometimes doesn't want to play games with me because I'm such a bitch when I'm losing that she says it isn't fun. I don't mean to get pissed, I just ... don't like losing. Sigh. It's something I'm working on.

The last 5 things will come tomorrow. Until then, I'm creating an unrealistic tag list. These are the people I'd love to see respond, but can't really imagine they'll do it, partially because they probably won't even know I've tagged them.

My unrealistic tags:

1. Dave Kajganich - because 5 classes just wasn't enough. This one will make more sense tomorrow, when I post my bottom 5, and thus probably isn't fair to put here, but it's my list, dammit.
2. Brian K. Vaughan - because he's always interesting and amusing and kind of a god. Kind of.
3. Tao Lin - because I had never heard of him until I was hiding from my family last week in a book store and just happened to pick up one of his books because he's next to Jeff Lindsay (Dexter novel writer) on the shelf. Oh, and he's sort of disturbingly awesome.

I'm holding back on the last two because they're people I know who may actually respond, and this is supposed to be an unrealistic list.

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