Friday, October 19, 2007

Back Nines

Two more series just got full season orders. Neither one is much of a surprise.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Private Practice and The Big Bang Theory will both get 22 episodes this year.

Practice is so far the highest-rated new show, and Bang gets higher ratings than its lead-in, How I Met Your Mother.

I've never seen Bang, and most of what I've heard is mixed to negative. But hey, it's a simple, clear set up and seems to be pulling in a decent number of viewers.

Practice is actually not horrible, which is a huge surprise to me after last years atrocious backdoor pilot/2-hour Grey's episode.

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Ryler32 said...

If you haven't seen The Big Bang Theory you don't know what your missing. Try and episode. Don't listen to these idiot critics. This is the funniest new sitcom in years. It is hilarious. Try it you make like it. I am so happy it will be here the whole season.