Friday, October 19, 2007

Don't mess with the sisterhood and other ideas I hate

Okay, first let's get something straight so that hopefully I'm not barred from future jobs. I like Grey's Anatomy. A lot. It's one of the better shows on television and has maintained its spot in the Top 5 on our DVR for a couple of years now.

Allan Heinberg is a really good writer who has worked on a lot of projects that I respect. And according to a friend that interviewed him he's a really nice guy, which counts for something.

That being said, last night's Grey's did something that I hate, hate, HATE, and that makes it time for a Ranty Rant.

For those of you who dislike spoilers, I apologize. Stop reading. This is your warning.


I warned you...

Callie finally had it out with Izzy for sleeping with her husband, George. She said something along the lines of, "What George did was bad, but what you did was worse. You're a woman and you understand what it's like. You're a traitor." Etc, etc.

I'm sure that I'm butchering the line, and if someone knows it and wants to correct me, please do. But the sentiment was basically that Izzy violated the sacred sisterhood of being a woman by sleeping with another woman's husband, and this made her even worse than George.

(Retching sounds)

I don't often use profane language on this site, but... Fuck that. Fuck it.

This argument makes no sense. It's not like Callie and Izzy are friends. That at least would make sense to me as a betrayal. But this...ugh.

I'm actually offended by this line of thought. It's only a step away from saying, "It's your fault. You tempted my man and you know that he can't help himself!"

(Again, retching)

This is the worst kind of excuse for bad behavior.

If you are in a relationship and your partner screws around with someone else, it is your partner's fault. They are the ones who fucked with you. They are the ones who did the betraying. Doesn't mean that the other person involved isn't an evil bitch/bastard, but they certainly didn't violate you in the same way that your significant other did.

And to imply that this isn't true, I just... I can't... UGH!

Yet we are told this again and again in popular entertainment, and it just kills me. It's like that Jon Stewart Crossfire interview: This kind of argument actually hurts us. As human beings.

So I beg you, writers of the world, keep this off my television and out of the multiplex. It will greatly reduce my urge to strangle things, which is good for all of us.

And now because I mention it, here's that video. Because it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


Jane said...

Yes, you're totally right about the whole Callie and George thing.


I think in Callie's world at the moment, she's doing everything she can to save her marriage, including trying to find someone else to blame for the problems between her and George. If she can convince herself that it's all Izzie's fault, then she can stay in the marriage and hold on to whatever sappy dream she had about being married when she was a kid.

So yeah, the idea that Izzie is to blame is a totally bogus one, but I'm kinda convinced that Callie (the kind of pathetic Callie of this season, not the kick ass Callie of earlier years) might just go there.


Josh said...

I see your point, but I just didn't FEEL like that was the intention of the scene. I don't know if that's a failure of the writing, the acting, the directing or just ME, but it didn't come across that way.

And of course I think there's a larger problem that I've only briefly touched on--that in general the female characters on this show are just getting shat on. But that's a story for a different day.