Thursday, October 11, 2007

To Paraphrase Eddie Izzard, "Google yourself when you get home."

Really. It's amazing what you might discover. Like, for example, that your pilot was named a semi-finalist in a couple of contests that didn't bother to tell you. Who knew?


Semi-Finalists (official):

Juliana Weiss - On Duty
Juliana Weiss - On Duty - Supplementary Materials
Charles Welty - The Problem of Cell 13
Darren Whisker - Squeeze Play
Darren Williams - OFF SCREEN
Craig Williams - Cape of Good Hope
Kevin Wilson - The Route
Mark Winzer - The Interview
Susanne Wolf - Die Geisel (The hostage)
Paul Stefan Wolff - Legion
Michele Wong - The Principle of Uncertainty According to Hal Bruno
Aaron Yarber - Sleepin' Dogs
Scott Yarborough - How I Met Your Mother: "Barney Goes Missing"
Meske Yasar - Die Reise durch mein Leben
Ahron Yeshaiek - Miles in Time


Congratulations to all the semifinalists of the 2007 Summer AAA Screenplay Contest.
Feature Screenplays:


30 Rock - Commencement by Anthony Roberts
American Dad - The Spy Who Sired Me by Andrew Kemp
Battlestar Galactica - Down by Gray G. Haddock
Boston Legal - Silence Is Not Golden by Scott Cunningham
Boston Legal by Hilliard Guess
Chronically Single by Abby Anderson
Desperate Housewives - The Golden Retriever by Valerie Manahan
Dexter - Doppelganger by Angela Jorgensen
Heroes - Black Box by Alaina Niemann
House - Model Behavior by David Lee
I Am A Patriot by Matt Marshall
Kayfabe - And in this Corner by David Lee
Kelly by Cathy Salenger
L'il Bush - Draft Dodgeballers by Kay Christianson
On Duty by Juliana Weiss & Josh Roessler
Supernatural - Pyro Genesis by Y. Shireen Razack
The Lupus Experiment by Leonardo Millan
The Office - Bring Your Pet To Work Day by James Mickler
Ugly Betty - This Could Be Love by Sandra Branum & Bernard Branum, Jr.
Weeds - Happy Birthday Ted Bundy by Anthony Roberts
Without A Trace - Dead Or A Lie by Tamara Smith Roldan

FYI, I edited out everyone on the WriteMovies semi-finalist list before Juliana's name. Speaking of which, where the heck is my name? Grr.

Even more exciting is that AAA is still ongoing, so (crossing fingers) we might do even better!


Anonymous said...

Have you noticed that something seems to have happened to the AAA contest?

Their rules for the Summer 2007 contest states that they'll have semi-finalists Oct. 1st, finalists on the 15th, and winners "no later than November 1st."

But everything after your list of teleplay SF's and the feature QF's just says "TBD" or "TBA."

If they've shut down the contest, they should be refunding everyone's money. If they're delayed for some reason (perhaps an eligibility question), then they should post that on their site.

Does anyone know what's happening?

Josh said...

Believe me, I've been asking the same questions. It's not odd to have a bit of a delay with these kinds of things, but this is getting ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

I've emailed back and forth with AAA asking if there were new deadlines (different from the web-site) and the response I got was, "Have you checked the web-site?"

Josh said...

I emailed them recently, but have not heard back yet.