Thursday, November 1, 2007

Another reason to resolve the impending strike...

As always, I'm late to the party, so rather than battle for scraps, here's a bunch of links that you may have already seen, in the order that I discovered them:

O Ye Of Little Faith: Whedon, Minear & Dushku Reunite For DOLLHOUSE!!

Eliza Dushku Lures Joss Whedon Back to TV!



Step one - End this strike so we get some Whedon-y goodness sooner rather than later (not to mention so Fox doesn't change their mind on this as time goes by).

Step two - Figure out what kind of specs Joss would want to read...I have an idea based on things he's said in interviews...Jul and I might have to revisit a spec idea we decided not to write.

Step three - Charm him with our writing and/or wit and/or sexiness so that he realizes how much he needs us on his staff. (Seriously, Joss, it's not like you know a bunch of great writers who you can just pick up the phone and call or something...except us, of course...we'll get our numbers over to you right now).

Step three part two - Steal things to bribe him with. Like Cheetos. (Note: there is no evidence that Mr. Joss Whedon has any great affection for Cheetos; this is merely an example. A bad one.)

Step four - Get on staff and cry.

Step five - Say "SUCKAH!" to all of our friends and alienate everyone with our newfound sense of entitlement.

Step six - Enter a downward spiral that culminates in losing our jobs and living on the street with our chihuahua while taking up with Gary Coleman to try to relaunch his career.

God I can't wait.


Shawna said...

Dude, you are so tagged with the meme on my blog. Check it out and deal. ;-)

Josh said...

But the almost in-laws are in town... [whine]

I'll get to it when I can recover from all the restaurant food and rounds of canasta.

Neal said...