Monday, November 5, 2007


Fellow future WGA member wannabes, I'd like to pose a question:

Who wants to get organized?

I'm talking about making plans for a group of us to visit picketing locations (perhaps with signs...or refreshments...or just encouraging words) while our hopeful one-day brethren fight the good fight for all of us.

As numerous sites have already reported, the picketing locations are available here.

We can figure out where each of us is located during the day and plan times to meet on the lines and show some writerly love.

Anyone interested?


Amanda said...

Hey dude -
I'd be interested, but I'm not sure I'd have time with work. What times are people standing out there?

Josh said...

Well, the writers are picketing 9-5. I imagine if I did it, it would be around 12-2.

I have friends, though, who've gone out in the morning to walk the lines. Unfortunately not possible with my job. :(

John Reha said...

I may actually take a day off to walk the picket lines with them, as a hopeful-future WGA member and a current SAG member.