Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hey Hey, Triple A!

Anonymous left me a comment yesterday--one of only a handful of Anonymi to have done so--on an old post that got me thinking.

And here's what it got me thinking: What the hell, AAA Teleplay contest? The finalists were supposed to be revealed more than a month ago.

Which leads me to: If you have any knowledge of what's going on with the AAA Teleplay Contest, I'd love to hear it.

Has anyone been notified of anything? Were finalists secretly contacted and now I should hang my head in shame? Did the organizer skip town and steal all of the entry fee money? Is there a delay because of the strike?

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Matt said...

Yeah, my roommate was wondering the same thing. He's a quarterfinalist for the screenplay section, and he hasn't heard anything else.

In other words, I have no useful information whatsoever.