Thursday, November 8, 2007

I walk the line...on lunch breaks...when I'm not taking notes in a meeting

This week I've felt vaguely traitorous as I've sat at my desk with writers picketing everywhere around me.

I've also felt cut off (aside from the various blogs and news stories I read nonstop) because I've been inside. The closest I even came to any picketers was watching them from across the street as I walked from one building to another to deliver note pages to execs. It's been so busy I haven't even been leaving for lunch. Meaning: no honking.

Today, finally, that changed. I tried to get friends who had been walking when they could all week to join me, but no one was able to ... so I wondered if I should go at all... and hesitated... and worried what would happen if someone from work saw me...

And then I was in my car, and there was much honking, which slowly started to make things right.

I was on my lunch, dammit. My own free time. What could they do to me? (Note: please don't answer this question, it's not something I want to explore right now.)

So I drove to Fox, the closest studio that isn't my workplace, and joined the party. I say that because that's what it felt like. I sincerely doubt it will feel that way in week 10...or 20...or 30...but for this week, for today, that's what it felt like. The honking was practically nonstop and totally obnoxious and it was fantastic. Two picketers just stood in the grass by the curbs soliciting honks and amusing the passersby. A supporter brought pizza and walked up an down the line with open boxes offering slices. And even though I was a weenie and didn't talk to anybody (and had to leave after 40 minutes...sadness...stupid traffic and stupid lunch break), it felt so good to be out there supporting those who I wholeheartedly believe are supporting me.

That's who this fight is for: me. And Jul. And probably most of you. We're the ones who are probably going to get most of our residuals from "new media." Unless, you know, we get none at all. Because that's where we are right now.

So I'm making a promise to myself here and now, that every free lunch I have will be spent on a picket line until this is resolved. I'd love to do even more than that, but...we'll see.

Time permitting, tomorrow I'll tell you all about the Dexter academy event and how Daniel Cerone owes us a spec idea and why cheese and crackers and meeting actresses don't mix.

Exciting, I know.


Anonymous said...


It's a good thing I wasn't there. I would have been over-excited and asking about obscure Edna Krabappel trivia.

Josh said...

I was trying to work him into the post somewhere but couldn't figure out a way...ah, well.