Monday, November 5, 2007

Meme-d (or, something to take my mind off the fact that writers are striking across the street from me)

Shawna tagged me. She was tagged by the originator, Great Boobs and Tubes. The MeMe is on!

Find a song that inspires you to write something, whether it gives you an idea for a script or just puts you into a better frame of mind. AND/OR (don't you love choices) peek into the lyrics and find a stanza that sums up the theme of whatever script you're working on. It's quite uncanny how the two circumstances go together.

If possible, post a video of the song to really get people into the mood.
It's been a long time since I've truly written to music. In high school my writing life depended almost entirely on Nirvana, Nine Inch Nails and most importantly Songs in the Key of X.

I was in high school when X-Files reached its zenith, though naturally I was a fan from the beginning, and most of my favorite episodes are from those first few seasons. Songs in the Key of X was released in 1996, smack dab in the middle of my high school years, at what was probably the creative peak of the show. And it was a revelation.

For a long time, I could quote almost every song on the album verbatim, and for a few years, it was the only soundtrack to my writing life. I would sit in my car with the CD on and the volume cranked and write by hand in my black and write Mead notebook, then later painstakingly re-type everything on my Smith-Corona electric typewriter, praying I didn't mistype and have to use the awful and ugly correction tape.

(Appreciate your computers if you've got'em, younguns; it wasn't always so easy. Now I could buy a cheap computer for not much more than a typewriter, but a decade ago...and yes, we're playing everyone's favorite game, What's Grandpa Thinking?)

Mostly I listened to the album on repeat, but some favorite songs are:

Down In The Park - Foo Fighters
Star Me Kitten - William S. Burroughs & REM
Red Right Hand - Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds
Unmarked Helicopters - Soul Coughing
Thanks Bro - Filter
and of course, the secret tracks...

The CD cracked in half during one of my moves in college, and ever since then I've lamented its loss. In fact, this whole exercise just forced me (forced me, I say) to purchase it from a vendor on Amazon. Sigh.

I can't really think of any specific songs today that I use to write or that reflect the theme of the spec I'm working on are lyrics from a couple of songs that I think reflect certain overall themes or just inspire me lyrically (sue me for cheating and generalizing).

Jim Boyd - Father and Farther

Sometimes, Father, you and I,
Are like a three-legged horse
who can't get across the finish line
no mater how hard, he tries and tries and tries.

Sometimes, Father, you and I
Are like a Warrior,
who can only paint half of his face
while the other half cries and cries and cries and cries.

Now can I ask you Father?
If you know how much farther we need to go?
Now can I ask you Father?
If you know how much farther we have to go?

There doesn't seem to be a music video, so, moving on to the obvious...

Soul Coughing - Screenwriter's Blues

And the radioman says
it is a beautiful night out there!
And the radioman says
Rock and Roll lives!
And the radioman says
it is a beautiful night out there
in Los Angeles
you live
in Los Angeles
and you are going to
Reseda; we are all

in some way or
another going to
Reseda someday
to die
and the radioman
laughs because
the radioman fucks

a model too

As you can see, it's been awhile since I've really been inspired by music. I miss the feeling, I do, but not enough to go crazy seeking it out. There are other things to draw inspiration from...
Aww. Is that chedder I smell?

Let's see who's left to tag...

Scott, Joel and Elana seem to have escaped unscathed so far. And, let's see...why not--Jill Golick and Jane Espenson (Jul has her email, ha, ha, ha ...
not that she'll ever agree to email Jane for a meme, but still...)


Jill Golick said...

Tagged? Okay. I think I can come up with something.

Josh said...

I look forward to reading :)

Rhys said...

Awesome! Great post and great blog. Aw, the cheese is purty. :)

Love the Screenwriter's Blues lyrics. Hee.

Rhys said...

p.s. I never had a computer until college; I typed everything on a typewriter too, icky correction tape and all. It's what made me so averse to re-writing, even to this day. :)

Josh said...

Hmmm...I never thought about it, but that might be part of my problem with rewriting too. Interesting.

And I agree about the cheese:)