Monday, November 26, 2007

Mom Ratings

For the last two years, Jul and I decided to forgo the traditional family Turkey Day and make our own holiday fun. In 2005, we went to the Grand Canyon and the Painted Desert, and at some point I lost Jul's cell phone. Last year, we drove to Vegas and I got food poisoning at Quark's Bar and Restaurant. (Don't trust Ferengi-prepared dishes. Even if the host is nice and agrees to say hi to your mom on your cell phone.)

This year that changed. I hadn't seen my mom in more than 12 months, and Jul's parents had just visited, so we decided to bring her to LA...after realizing that 2 tickets to Ohio would cost more than $1000. So not worth it for a few days.

Anyway, since this is a TV/writing blog, here's how this kind of sort of maybe fits in with my normal format: We made my mom watch TV with us!

Aren't we the exciting ones.

So here for your reading pleasure are my mom's reactions to what we watched and my interpreted "review" based on those reactions. Enjoy!

Pushing Daisies

Mom reaction: Snoring within 10 minutes. Granted, we started watching after she had taken medication, but still not a good sign. (Good son and future daughter-in-law that we are, Jul and I finished watching, then woke her up so that she could sleep somewhere besides my desk chair.)

My interpreted review: We were watching something? Really? I don't remember. Was it good?

Verdict: Incomplete due to drug-induced sleep, but veering toward not good. You're boring the heartlanders, Mr. Fuller.


Mom reaction: Awake, alert. At one point she got up to use the restroom and said not to pause it, but then expressed distressed at having possibly missed something when she came back in. (Luckily, I had paused.) Asked what time and day it was on (which I didn't know; um, hello, DVRs) as well as the title so she could look for it when she got home. Said: "I don't think we get this channel because I've never seen it" then eventually realized that yes, she did get NBC.

My interpreted review: Oh, my gosh. I can't believe Josh likes a show that's actually watchable! Why didn't someone tell me about this sooner? (I did.)

Verdict: Fantastic. If only someone out there was smart enough to realize that the only kind of shows we need are procedurals. Why would anyone watch anything else? Unless it has Harrison Ford in it, of course. Then it's okay.


Mom reaction: Are you serious? We didn't show my mom Dexter. It was bad enough when I unthinkingly treated her to a DVD double feature of Talented Mr. Ripley and Boys Don't Cry and she thought I was gay. This is a woman who won't watch the Sci-Fi Channel because it's all "spookies." A show about a serial killer? Please.

So that's it. She actually asked about Ugly Betty because I apparently mentioned it to her at some point, but we didn't find time to watch it while she was here.

There's a lesson to be learned in these mom ratings, but I'm not completely sure what it is. Or that I want to learn it.

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