Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Things I've noticed about Dexter's 2nd season

While Dexter still pretty much kills a person each week, there's less of a procedural element/mystery/investigation into his victims' crimes. This element isn't gone, but it does seem diminished.

There appear to be two main season-long arcs developing:
1) Whether or not Dexter will be caught/revealed as a serial killer.
2) What really happened between Harry and Dexter's mother, and (how) did this color the way he raised Dexter?

Aside from the first episode, there really haven't been many Harry and Young Dex "story" flashbacks. Instead, we've been getting ... not flashbacks exactly, but backstory and reveals about Harry and Dex's mom via audio recordings where "ghosts" of Harry and Dex's mom appear. And flashbacks to Dex seeing his mom killed that are similar to the shorter flashbacks of Dex's dad last season. So there's a new spin on the flashback element, but it's not completely gone.

Masuka=Tang. Technically, Chuck taught me this, and that C.S. Lee deserves much better than a one-note character, but still.

Jennifer Carpenter is a much better actress than I gave her credit for in the first season. Thanks, writers, for allowing her to shine by providing Deb with a fascinating emotional journey so far. (And also...damn you, writers, for slowly and probably much more believably taking Deb on the journey Jul and I wanted to take her on in our spec. Jerks.)

It's every bit as engrossing as the first season, and in more disturbing ways. Rooting for and against a serial killer's love life is just a weird feeling. How is it possible that I'm more upset about who Dexter might sleep with than who he might kill next? What does that say about me? And the whole exploration of killing as an addiction and using support to overcome that addiction is...uncomfortable, to say the least.

Jul and I really need to leave an episode on the DVR long enough to break it down and see if it's still following the same patterns as the first season episodes. Has anyone bothered to do that yet this season?


unemployedwritersasst. said...

Thanks for the scene breakdowns. I'm about to try to compare seasons and am confused about how to approach my spec - like it's taking place AFTER season two, or during season two OR, a one-off during during season one or two. What strategy are you guys taking? I too, have not figured out act breaks.

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