Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Welcome, Whedonesque People

So, this is what happens when you get picked up on Whedonesque, huh? In one day, I tripled the number of hits I had over the last month. Insanity.

Thanks for all the comments over at Whedonesque. I sent them a request for a membership so that I can actually talk to you there, but for now this is my only way to do so; ask questions, yell, shower me with praise or ask for my shipping address to send gifts in the comments here.

Feel free to mill about the place and check out links to many other fine writers on the right side -- professional and soon-to-be professional alike. For your further Jossverse pleasure, read my fiancee's interview with Jane if you haven't yet, or Red Right Hand's old interview of the man himself.

Oh, and I checked out the YouTube video mentioned in the Whedonesque comments, and it is indeed Emmett's sign that appears near the beginning. Sweet. Thanks for the heads up, ElectricSpaceGirl.

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