Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Adopt A Writer...if you dare

No, it's not like housing a foreign exchange student. And yes, that was a very bad joke.

Been doing a little research lately and ran across a really cool project happening in the Blogosphere called Adopt a Writer. Here's what it's all about in the words of the organizers:

Adopt A Writer is a project organized by entertainment bloggers in support of the WGA, in association with United Fandom and United Hollywood.

Several of the top independent TV blogs have signed on to participate in the project which may continue even after the labor dispute is resolved, depending on interest. Each participating blog will interview a TV writer about their life as a writer—and as a striking writer—with the goal of putting a new face on the WGA for our readers and showing the public that the average writer is much more like the average viewer than the AMPTP wants us to believe.

Participating Blogs:

If for no other reason, go to the site to check out the picture under the main title. It's a collage of surly, lovable writer mugs that makes me want to have one of my very own. Yes, I did mean have my very own writer.

And speaking of lovable, those people who say Craig Mazin (of Artful Writer (in)fame(y)) is out of touch and doesn't walk the strike lines can stuff it. Yeah, that's right, you big jerks! I saw him walking at Fox for at least 20 minutes yesterday.* That's 20 minutes he'll never get back! This paragraph has a lot of exclamations!!!

*He was there when I arrived, so it's quite possible he was there the whole day, but that knowledge kind of defeats the point of heckling.

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