Monday, January 7, 2008

A Letter of Thanks


The holiday season is still in our rearview mirrors, and this year I received a lot of fantastic gifts from people I love.

But it just occurred to me that what you're giving me now is the best gift of all: time.

Your stubborn refusal to get back to the bargaining table to try to salvage this (and possibly the next) TV season has freed up my evenings from all the new episodes I would normally be watching right now. And while I'm sad to see my favorite shows go, and hope they'll be back soon, I thought I'd let you know some of the great things your gift has already allowed me to do without feeling guilty about the TV I'm missing.

(In case I forget to say it later... Thanks!!!)

Here's just a sample of what I'm doing now that I'm not beholden to new episodes:

1) planning my wedding--I know, I know, it doesn't seem that important, but it needs to be done.
2) taking a UCLA Extension course in TV drama writing--no new TV? I'll have to make my own...maybe even literally!
3) throwing parties.
4) being a productive member of my new writer's group--I already gave notes on everyone's outlines! Over a holiday break! Without even reading anything! (that last one may or may not be a lie)
5) working longer hours and getting overtime! 3am Fridays, yay!
6) finally reading and critiquing the work of friends (I'm looking at you, M, and you, Matt, and (even more so) you, Furey)--like the Mad Men spec I read today, which to my mind was more engaging than most of the produced episodes in the first season.
7) starting to read the bajillion books I got for Christmas--bajillion is just an estimate.
8) meeting cool professional writers and realizing they're very much like me, yet still feeling intimidated by them.
9) going out with friends more--though we want to spend less, so I'll have to think about this one.
10) seeing more movies--watched Juno over the holiday and fell in love with both it and the soundtrack; they're like cute, snarky love letters (which, by the way, are the best kind...and when the money thing comes into play, there's always sneaking in :)
11) boycotting reality TV--except for American Gladiators because, come on, it's frigging American Gladiators and it already owns your soul and besides, it's being hosted by The Hulkster.
12) replying to people's emails--if I haven't gotten to you, I will...eventually.
13) blogging--just because it's allowed me to do it doesn't mean I've been doing it.
14) scheming creative ways to exploit "new media."
15) playing Wii and DS games.
16) picketing struck studios and productions!--see you at the Globes.


Matt said...

I'll be expecting those comments as soon as you're done with them, mister.

By the by, congratulations on your accolades. I keep seeing your name crop up on these contests that I enter...(and of course fail to win).

Josh said...

Seriously, I've had an email halfway done for three months now, I just never got back to it to finish it...

Thanks for the congrats.

And please, let me know if you see my name on anything that isn't already listed in the sidebar. These contests are notoriously bad at telling you anything.