Monday, January 14, 2008

Wait and see if you want to live

I'm trying to withold my judgment on The Sarah Connor Chronicles until after tonight's episode, because I don't think we've yet seen what a typical episode will look like, but...

Color me impressed, Josh Friedman.

Sometimes I can be a logic Nazi (not that my scripts reflect that), but every time I snorted at something I found unbelievable, the show had an answer to what bumped me within a scene or two. Quick example: Sarah Connor hiding behind a simple La-Z-Boy type chair and it somehow shields her from a Terminator's gunfire. A pretty typical staple of action movies that's never really believable. So I scoffed, but accepted it anyway. Whatever, it's a convention. Then a scene later, there was a throwaway expository line from a cop noting that the chair was lined with Kevlar. Nice. I appreciate this kind of attention to detail.

And every aspect of the episode reflected this. It was fast-paced and action-packed--in a lot of ways, T2 with Summer Glau filling in for Arnold (bet that's never happened before)--but still left room for a few character moments and interesting hints at what's to come. In short, it was intelligent without feeling intelligent or slowing anything down. Which leads me back to: color me impressed, Josh Friedman.

Especially for a guy who was cursed by The Whedon recently. That's tough to bounce back from. :)

Suffice it to say, I'll definitely be watching tonight. I can only hope that supporting the few scripted shows that still have new episodes (as opposed to reality) is a good thing to do during this strike.

And stay tuned... After watching last night's episode, I'm inclined to write a little something about the timeline of the Terminator series, so I hope that will be appearing or elsewhere.

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Jane said...

Yeah, but, where'd they get that Kevlar La-Z-Boy? Did it come with the house? Perhaps they answered a Home For Rent ad in The Daily Fugitive.

It can't be easy to do logic for a show that involves machine-gun fire raining down on mere mortals like, um, rain, so I'm glad they're at least trying. Though I'd still like to know why Summer Glau spent ages putting together that fancy Terminator terminating gun at the end when she could have just started the whole time-travel thingmy sooner, thereby eliminating the need for said gun by getting the hell out of there a whole lot sooner.

Maybe I missed something?