Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Yeah, but now how are we supposed to hang out with our favorite writers?

And, it's all over,
The war is over.
It's all over, war is over.
It's all over, baby!
All over, baby!
All, all over, yeah!
Aah, hah-hah.
All over, all over, babe!
Oh! Oh yeah!
All over, all over!

Congratulations, WGA. Congratulations, writers. Congratulations, fans. Congratulations, production crews and assistants and office staff and agencies and management companies and caterers and restaurants and dry cleaners and all of the many businesses that survive by supporting the varied needs of the entertainment industry. Congratulations, Los Angeles.

Oh, and writers...thanks.

From a (hopefully-not-too-distant-) future guild member.

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