Friday, March 28, 2008

It's Zombie Week at Pink Raygun!

Want to know how many zombies it takes to change out a lightbulb? Why the zombie crossed the road? What's currently the height of zombie fashion? Me too!

Unfortunately I don't think anyone answers any of those questions, but they do chew on a lot of other fun topics.

Clicky below for some shameless self promotion:

8 Habits of Highly Effective Zombies - Because no one thinks about the good qualities a zombie has to possess.

Just Add Zombies - In which zombies are added to some of your favorite TV shows with hopefully interesting and amusing results.


Emily Blake said...

This is excellent information.

People do not take zombies seriously enough and it's high time they began to prepare.

Trevor Finn said...

I love zombies so much that I put a zombie storyline into my Heroes spec. I must admit I was wary to do it, as I wasn't sure what an agent or producer would think of the idea, but I think I executed it well enough.

And really, zombies are like pickles; they go great with anything!

David said...

Why isn't your pilot available on your website? Signed, a curious lurker.

Josh said...

It is...or was...there's something screwy that keeps happening with it.

I'm happy to email it to anyone who wants it. Tell your friends. Especially if they are managers or agents :)