Wednesday, April 23, 2008

At the risk of becoming Whedon central

Not that she needs the "traffic" from this lonely little blog after getting picked up the other day by Whedonesque, but Jill Golick has some more Joss-y Dollhouse stuff up that very briefly dissects the structure of the script.

I'm thrilled he's using a four act structure, but only cautiously optimistic it'll stick around. The Chuck pilot was written in four acts, too, but that didn't last long...

And having just gotten my hands on and read the pilot today, I have to agree with her and just about every other critic who's spoken out: it's pretty damn shiny.

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Jill said...

I absolutely need your traffic. The Whedon fans are fickle and long gone. I'm not sure either if the four act structure can last on Dollhouse, but it sure makes for an intense experience. Whedon's never been one for tags, so we can depend on Dollhouse for juicy fourth act cliffhanging endings through its run. However, he does have a history of Teasering so we'll have to wait to see on that front. But maybe if he throws his title sequence up front instead of a tease he can get away with just the four acts.