Thursday, April 17, 2008

Breaking Down (and Building Up) Chuck (4)

Today, Jul and I begin our second UCLA Extension course, the one in which we will actually be writing first drafts of our Chuck and Pushing Daisies specs. To celebrate, I'm going to start posting weekly progress on Chuck as I write the script...from three months ago.


As I start to write actual pages for the script, I'm going to take you through the stages of creating it -- from the initial idea through to the final outline. And when the first draft is done, I'll probably post that too...or at least make it available in some way.

Some of these posts will be longer, more complicated and more interesting than others.

None of them are meant to represent The Only Way to write a spec script. This isn't even necessarily my way, it's just the way that I used to craft Chuck.

Without further ado:


Chuck flashes on Awesome doing something bad or involved with spies somehow.
Chuck complains about being the Intersect, then loses his ability to flash, which makes him realize that he likes being the Intersect.

(Hint: this is not one of those longer, more complicated posts. I will not judge its level of interesting-ness.)

Next week:

Ideas Refined and Beginning, Middle and End.

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Anonymous said...

good luck. i hate chuck.