Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I may love it when a plan comes together, but I hate it when a saved post disappears

(That's me screaming in frustration at my work computer. Although...um...not actually me.)

This has actually happened quite a few times over the last few weeks (the deleted posts, not the screaming) and I'm not inclined to recreate everything, so here's a general rundown:

1. Watch In Treatment. It's really interesting and entertaining on a lot of levels and so far I think it's the best new show of 2008.

2. Read Amanda. Even Jane says so (scroll down to last Thursday's entry), and she knows what she's talking about.

3. BSG season 4, episode 1 was really interesting and made me feel oddly prescient...as well as both good and bad that Jul and I never completed our BSG spec.

And because I'm such a nice guy, I'm gonna let you see why we never completed our spec for yourselves by posting the half-finished and full-of-holes outline:

Leap of Faith


· Midst of a fight with the Cylons.

· FTL jump. Comments: Cylons are becoming more and more aggressive.

· Emergency medical situation. Is it an injury? Multiple pregnancy - sextuplets. Mother dies in childbirth, but babies all live.

· Religious fervor. It is a miracle.

· 2 more multiple pregnancies arrive. Cottle: Something isn't right here.

Act One

· Religious fervor escalates.

· Cottle approaches Roslin. "Not a miracle." "I know but, there is nothing I can do."

· Baltar, uncertain about his future – half the people hassle him in the hallways, the other half revere him.

· A major religious group announces: We are leaving the fleet.

Act Two

Note: Show more of the religious fervor build? Also, every time Apollo is mentioned, it could be Starbuck instead.

· Roslin asks Cottle to investigate the matter. Adama assigns Apollo as his pilot.

· Roslin tries in vain to use her political power to get the religious group to change their minds, but they have decided that the multiple pregnancies are a sign from the Gods which tells them to stay behind and not follow the fleet.

· Apollo and Cottle arrive on other ships to investigate.

· Baltar is accosted and blood is drawn.

· Apollo and Cottle investigate all the medical facilities on the ships to no avail.

· Baltar receives a mysterious note, perhaps sealed with a lipstick kiss?

· Apollo and Cottle report to Roslin. She reminds them of what is at stake. Three more ships have signed on to stay behind with the religious group.

Act Three

· Apollo and Cottle are discouraged; they get a beer together and overhear a woman discussing a baby cult. Women are trying to get pregnant to rebuild the human race. Men who join are encouraged to have sex with all of the women. "Sounds like it’s for perverts" Cut to:

· Baltar is brought to a cult meeting - surrounded by attractive women.

· Baltar considers: I should do this for the good of the human race. Six heckles him, says he's selfish and only doing it for himself.

· A Cylon search party finds the fleet. The humans kill them, but more will quickly follow.

· Cottle finds the cult, learns they are using experimental drugs to cause the women to have multiple babies at once. He's discovered and held hostage by the cult – needs to get out.

· The religious group announces their resolve to stay behind, even with the Cylons likely to return soon. The Gods will lead us to safety. The Gods will lead us to Earth.

Act Four

· Cottle escapes and arrives with the information just as the big Cylon group arrives.

· Baltar is brought to a room where he thinks the women will join him – instead he is presented with literature and a cup. Apparently those sex rumors were exaggerated.

· "I can't do this." Baltar repeats some of the things that Six heckled him about earlier.

· As the Vipers work to hold off the Cylons, Roslin makes an announcement amidst the battle about the cult and the drugs - it's not a sign from the Gods, just people trying to play god.

· The fleet spools up and jumps with fingers crossed. Will the ships cross over with them? Hearts pounding: they arrive...and the ships of the religious group follow shortly after.

· Roslin announces that the pregnancy drugs are now being confiscated. She cannot ban the use of the drugs, but from now on, they can be administered by a physician only, and only after people are educated on the risks involved.

· Kara: What those women were doing is crazy. Risking their lives to have more kids? Callie: What they did is not so different from what you do.

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