Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Now I want to watch TV Land more (read: ever)

Kay has (yet another) great post up, this one about auteur theory and the lack of recognition for TV Showrunner/creators, not just in the wider world, but in the industry itself.

Read. Enjoy. I demand it.


John Reha said...

Ah, auteur theory.

In college, I loved it. I looked at the people who were out there: producing, directing, writing, sometimes acting in their own productions...and I was like, "YES. This is Me. This is what I Want To Do." And so, I thought, I'll be an Auteur.

And then I actually learned about film and TV. How many people really go into making these things happen, the below-the-line people, and I realized how hooey the whole thing is.

Also, try calling yourself an "auteur" one day. Fuck, even I'm not that pretentious!

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