Friday, April 18, 2008

Now that's a celebrity sighting

I've lived in LA since 2003.

In that time I've seen and refused to follow Kevin Smith, stalked Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk around Venice, shook hands and spoken awkwardly with Joss Whedon, walked the strike lines with countless writers, actors and other awesome creatives, had George Lucas back away when my friends and I approached him at a Writers Guild event, and been recognized by other writers as someone they knew (note: they were mistaken).

Heck, the first two jobs I had after moving out here had me interacting with famous folk on a daily basis...and sometimes calling them about their late video rentals. Not to mention that I now work with people that many would consider celebs.

Still, I envy Matt and have to salute him. This is a pretty awesome celebrity sighting. And yes, that would make a perfect little capsule review for Beowulf.


Jane said...

I was getting coffee in the Generic Chain Coffee Joint at the Kodak Theatre one night when in walked Morgan (aka Joshua Grimes) from Chuck. I might not have even noticed him if he hadn't been with Zach Levy (aka Chuck from Chuck). I was half-expecting the barista to pull out a gun and leap across the counter at them. But alas, he just took their order instead.

Matt said...

Damn, not only did I get a shoutout, I got my own gorram tag! I feel mighty special.