Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A week old, a dollar short and WAY behind on writing

Or at least I feel that way.

But that's none of your concern. What is of your concern is this now week-old post by the Finke-ster about pilots we might be seeing for next season.

Some particularly interesting highlights, at least to me:

Captain Cook's Extraordinary Atlas
- described as a "hugely ambitious Harry Potter-type series." Cool...if it makes it. Sounds expensive.

Castle - starring Captain Tightpants himself. Guess he won't be on Housewives any longer...

Prince of Motor City - Hamlet in Detroit. Yeah, I'm a sucker for Shakespeare adaptations...

Fringe - J.J. Abrams riffs on the X-Files. But is there a smoke monster?

Dollhouse - In Joss I trust.

My Own Worst Enemy - Christian Slater is Arnold in True Lies crossed with Ed Norton in Fight Club. Awesome or awful - you make the call.

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Elana said...

MY OWN WORST ENEMY is kind of awesome. The first ten pages I was not totally sure (it seemed a little bit too "Hey, suburban dads! Do you have a wish-fulfillment fantasy about being an awesome spy who bangs lots of hot awesome spy ladies?") but by the end I was completely convinced. I'm dorkily looking forward to it.