Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New TV season! or A Post for Post-erity

I's the funny.

I've been ever-so-slowly working on several posts over the last few weeks, Constant Readers, but for some reason can't seem to actually finish any of them. (Luckily the same cannot be said of the Chuck and Pushing Daisies specs Jul and I are working on, which are written through acts III and IV, respectively.)

And I intended to unashamedly copy The Futon Critic's fall/spring schedule and put it up here (sorry Futon Critic!), but I had to shrink it so much that it was nigh-unreadable.

So here, in place of that, is a list of the shows that Jul and I will at least give a few episodes of valuable DVR space to this fall/winter. Read that again carefully - fall/winter. Dollhouse, Lost and the like aren't on this because they're considered part of the spring schedule and this post is already long-ish.

The days of the week don't reflect the actual times we'll be watching them (um, duh, DVR), just the airing dates.



Monday (same old mostly same old)

is super-busy with Chuck, Sarah Connor and Gossip Girl. I sense a disturbance in DVR recording options...
9-10pm belongs to Heroes...but they have to earn my continuing viewership this year.
10-11pm brings the first newbie we'll be watching, Christian Slater's My Own Worst Enemy.

Tuesday (all new doesn't necessarily mean all good)

8-9pm brings a show I have some serious doubts we'll be watching after the first few weeks - Jennie Garth or no Jennie Garth: 90210. Though Rob Thomas is involved, so...
9-10pm offers a choice between X-Files Lite (aka Fringe) and what's sure to be some saucy teenage fun on Surviving the Filthy Rich (aka Dirty Sexy Money...except not really this time).
10-11pm is a no man's land where we will A) sleep [5 percent probability], B) write [10 percent probability], C) play video games [10 percent probability], D) be at the Bok for trivia [25 percent probability], or E) watch DVRed stuff from Monday we didn't get to yet [50 percent probability].

Wednesday (ABCness and at least the car's cool)

8-9pm will see us making the sarcastically difficult choice between Pushing Daisies and Knight Rider.
9-10pm is empty as far as we're concerned, which might mean "I'm really bored so fine we'll watch Private Practice" or "Well, we did already record Knight Rider, so..."
10-11pm is reserved for a show I'm surprised I like as much as I do: Dirty Sexy Money.

Thursday (good, but doesn't interest me as much as Monday)

8-9pm Ugly Betty still owns us, but the DVR will be working at 8:30 for 30 Rock.
9-10pm is for lovers...of depressing comedy-dramas of all kinds - Grey's Anatomy and The Office.
10-11pm is something borrowed and something new with Life On Mars and The Eleventh Hour.

Friday (might not suck)
8-9pm is literary hour! Who knew? We'll at least give Crusoe a winter tryout.
9-10pm brings The Ex List, which sounds like Earl but with dating and possibly bitterness.
10-11pm serves up another of my unlikely faves from last year, Life. Glad it's back for another go-round.

Saturday (barren wasteland alert!)

8-11pm ... (no, seriously)

Sunday (Desperate for another hit)

8-9pm is for stuff we DVRed but didn't watch yet.
9-10pm hasn't found anything better than Desperate Housewives...unless there's a really good football game on...and I can convince Jul.
10-11pm has two shows that we probably should watch in Brothers & Sisters and The Unit, but sadly we've never gotten into them. More DVRed stuff we haven't gotten to.

That's 21 shows! Not bad...except maybe on our social life.


Nicholas said...

Try 37 shows.


I am sure that means I have WAY too much time on my hands and absolutely no life at all. Which is seriously sad as hell. I've got no idea how I am going to pull off that much TV watching...and that's just on the 5 major broadcast channels alone. I think it'll hit 50+ after I add all the damn cable shows.

Dammit, my schedule will be fucked in the fall.

Matthew Ryan Vincent said...

No House?

Josh said...

I've never really gotten in to House. Its one of those shows I like when I watch it, but never really find myself WANTING to watch it.