Friday, May 16, 2008

Yes, I'm a dork

Aren't you?

Yes this is simply a copy and paste from their website and no, there's still nothing (grr!) specific, but... I am embarrassingly psyched for Comic-Con this year.

One note: Joss, when you preview the Dollhouse pilot this year (and you'd better - hear me, Fox?), please don't do it until at least Friday. Thanks.

Anyone else out there dorkily excited? I mean, I'm not gonna dress up or anything, but...

Programming at Comic-Con 2008

With close to 400 events over all four days, Comic-Con's program slate is the largest in the nation. Programs include major comics publisher presentations, Spotlight panels on all the special guests, and the greatest number of events geared toward the entire spectrum of comics of any convention. Hall H features major movie studio programs (judging from this issue's cover and feature interview, you can bet one of them will include Frank Miller and The Spirit!), and the TV networks give presentations that showcase favorite and new shows. (Comic-Con has a tradition of premiering network shows months before they air, with past examples including Lost, Heroes, Chuck, Pushing Daisies, Reaper, and many more.)

The Programming Department is currently talking to comics publishers, the major Hollywood movie studios, and television networks, anime/manga, action figure, and gaming companies to again offer the most comprehensive - and mind-blowing! - roster of events at any pop culture show. The Comic Arts Conference will return for four big days of academic study of the wonderful world of comics. And remember - at Comic-Con, that world includes all aspects of comics: superhero comics from the Golden Age to the Silver Age to now, independent and alternative titles, graphic novels of all types, manga, European comics, webcomics, editorial cartoons, comic strips, and more!

In addition, the Programming schedule will feature panels and events devoted to some of this year's special themes. And Comic-Con doesn't end when the Exhibit Hall closes at 7:00 each night! Programming, anime, gaming, film screenings, and other events continue well into the night, with several big events planned for the weekend. On Thursday night, it's the return of the Star Wars Fan Film Awards; on Friday night, it's the comic book industry's version of the Oscars: the Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards; and on Saturday night, it's the gala Comic-Con Masquerade. Check back for complete details!

The complete Programming schedule will be posted on here, approximately ten days to two weeks prior to the show. It's a good idea to print that schedule out so you can highlight your must-see panels and events. The complete schedule is also provided in the onsite Events Guide, and updated daily on signs outside of all the Programming rooms.

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does the comment "at least friday" indicate a three-day plan, your dorkiness?