Sunday, June 29, 2008

Breaking Down (and Building Up) Chuck (8)

So, umm, the weekly Chuck spec posts have become...well...monthly. Or maybe even bi-monthly. For now.

What? You're going to complain?!

Well, you try to write two spec scripts, plan a wedding, help your mom move from 2000 miles away, find an apartment for yourself, keep up with your writing class, keep up with your writers' group (yes, that really means two writers' groups because I read and critique scripts for class), develop a kickass webcomic and be a writer's assistant/director's assistant/script coordinator on a movie that's being written, storyboarded, recorded and going into production concurrently. Yes, in the last few weeks I've had the pleasure of learning a lot of things that T stands for (like "terrific," "nice," and "happy to be here"), shook hands with two SNLers, chuckled at the thought of researching a role with Bunnies (the naked kind), and heard a one-time Corleone's answer to "What's the dumbest question you've ever been asked?" but balls are being dropped, people. Balls are being dropped.

And the first ball, unfortunately, seems to be this blog. I'd like to promise that things will get back to normal soon, but there's a little thing called a potential SAG strike looming and everyone's trying to do everything before the sky falls. Which, interestingly enough, it does on occasion.

But Chuck.

When last we left our heroes they were on this page that I'm not too interested in writing a lot about right now. Peruse the A-story beat by beat at your leisure. Today we've got the

B-story Beats

Sarah & Casey try to catch Super Spy; can't agree on plan.

Super Spy escapes because S&C don't work together; pissed, they blame each other.

Per their superiors, since Super Spy saw them, new agents put on case.

S&C must lay low, stick together at all times.

Since they still need to watch Chuck, Sarah will stay at Casey's; neither one thrilled.

New agents arrive, take S&C's intel, tease them.

S&C go to Casey's after work, discuss frustration over not being able to spy.

Casey can't take it; sneaks out to go after Super Spy himself.

Sarah suspects Casey, secretly follows.

Stops him by knocking him out w/ dartgun.

When Casey wakes in his apartment, he's pissed.

S&C argue, then have knock-down drag-out fight.

Fight ends when one of the new agents bursts in – he's dying.

Brings info re: jamming device and locator beacon – Chuck's in danger.

They go to check in on Chuck; he's already gone.

S&C track Chuck with GPS on his car; arrive at warehouse.

See Super Spy holding gun on Chuck and create plan on the fly.

Implement plan by working together; capture Super Spy and save Chuck.

Totally worth the wait, right? Hopefully the next post won't take so long to get to you. Especially since, you know, the script is done. :)


J. Alan Shelton said...

This is some great stuff and I'm looking forward to reading more. That said, I do have one concern -- and I might just be over-thinking it -- but would Chuck really involve Morgan with his pursuit of the Capt.? Granted, it makes for a fun scenario but on the off chance Chuck is wrong he'd be endangering his friend. Anyway, keep up the great work and please post more script when you can. =)

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say, thank you for being awesome and breaking down Chuck -- it's been very helpful for my own Chuck spec (or specs - I'm having trouble deciding which one to focus on).