Monday, July 21, 2008


Elana reflects on Batman and a lack of superheroes. Mostly the lack of superheroes. Elana is the shiznit:

"Why don’t some of these young people who have too much money stop doing coke and making sex tapes and instead FIGHT CRIME?"

I am so there. Sounds like the comedy event of the summer.


J. Alan Shelton. said...

Her post reminded me of a new comic book series by Mark Millar titled "Kick-Ass". It's about a world without (super)heroes and a young man who happens to share Elena'a view to the point of taking action. It's pretty funny, but also a bit harsh. Film rights snatched up before the first issue even hit the stores. Definitely something to watch for.

How's the Chuck spec coming, btw?

Elana said...


You know what I saw today? The Dark Knight. It made me wonder STILL MORE why there are zero masked heroes out there. What is up with that! Are we a nation of lazy jerks? (Yes, okay, but still.)