Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ciao...and 10 other Italian words I learned in Italy

No one told me that jet lag actually gets worse before it gets better -- how annoying is that?

Jul and I got back from the honeymoon on Friday and I'm thisclose to getting a full night's sleep, so I got that going for me.

What we don't have going for us yet is a workshop or fellowship -- oh-for-2 on NBC and WB this year. Luckily I hear it's get into Disney/ABC. Hahaha...ha.

But at least I have Italian memories (really -- I've developed a method whereby I can siphon the memories of others, so I used it on some unsuspecting Florentines), and right now I'd like to share one with you.

This is by far the coolest thing we saw in Italy, and I'm going to steal pictures from others because we were good little Americans and actually obeyed the NO PHOTOS signs.

The Cemetery of the Capuchin Fathers resides in a church much like any other in Rome. Outside, the building is nondescript -- stone stairs lead up to a landing with a balcony and a doorway off to one side. Continue up the stairs past the landing and you will enter the church itself, complete with beautiful statuary and artwork -- standard for most Roman churches.

But if you stop on that landing and pay a Euro to go through that doorway off to the're in for something a little more than "standard."

Those are real human bones, my friends. And there are 6 or 7 rooms just like it there. Awesomely creepy, no? But kind of oddly beautiful too. And shockingly creative.

But what kind of person could even conceive of doing something like this? Who wakes up and says, "Hmm. If I just boil the skin off of these bodies, I could make a flower out of those pelvic bones. And these fingers would create a killer scale for the child-sized Death I'm thinking of hanging on the ceiling here, right next to the family crest made with I-don't-even-know-where-on-my-body-those-bones-come-from!" Who comes up with that?

Oh, right. Monks.

America would be so much cooler if we had more monks.

(And oh yeah, we're totally finding a way to use this in some story somewhere. Is it possible that no one has used it yet?! Insanity.)


Blogette said...

That's actually really kind of creepy (instead of "just creepy"). But Italy still sounds amazing.

Tomatito said...

1. Congrats on your wedding.

2. Didn't get into the WB workshop either.

3. Now I'm waiting for the National Hispanic coalition ABC workshop. Callbacks on October 16. Let's see.

4. Disney ABC? Hmmm... Talk to Boom.

adam _______________________ said...

Congrats on your wedding. And welcome back. And thanks for the lovely bones.

Anonymous said...

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