Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Totally Biased Top 5 ELE Applications

A couple of months ago The Whedon unleashed Dr. Horrible upon the world, and we all collectively trembled. And laughed. And some of us might have even teared up a little bit, but I wouldn't know anybody like that.

Anyway, it was long rumored that people would be invited to submit applications to the Evil League of Evil with a select few maybe even making it to the DVD. Mere weeks ago the official announcement and due date was announced, and somehow the date already came and went.

Geez, Whedon people, give the fans a little notice next time. But I digress...

In the last several days, swarms of videos have popped up on a variety of sites, and I've waded through thousands (okay, tens...) to bring you this -- my Top 5 ELE Applications.

These are the cream of the crop, the best of the best, the bees knees. Also, they are the ones that I managed to watch all the way through.

How did I judge? Glad you asked. This is totally and completely based upon personal preference. Some have great acting and singing; some do not. Some have wonderful, clever writing and characters; others, not so much. Some have beautiful production values as good as a lot of the stuff on television; others ... well, it's the Internet, take a guess.

In order of preference, here are my Top 5 ELE Applications:

5. Short Change

4. The Grimmarion

THE GRIMMARIAN! from Kendal Newman on Vimeo.

3. The Pocket Paradox

2. Tur-Mohel

Tur-Mohel -- Evil League Of Evil Application from Ryan Lewis on Vimeo.

1. Fury of Solace

Submitted for your approval: Fury of Solace's application for admission into the Evil League of Evil from Fury of Solace on Vimeo.

Emmett wins for two reasons -- 1) Um, duh, he's my friend. What? I told you this was completely biased. 2) In a move that may but hopefully won't hurt him, he decided to tell an actual story instead of stay beholden to the whole "application" thing, the result being that it's the only one where my immediate reaction is: WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?!?


Stanley said...

Thanks for pimping The Pocket Paradox! As his publicist, I appreciate all of the support that he's getting from the Internet community. And if you need an assistant writer's assistant, let me know, I will totally apply for the job!!

Mouthpiece for The Pocket Paradox

The musishian said...

So, Fury of Solace this is the first Dr. Horrible fan fic then. Yay! Very cool, I can't wait to see more...

Josh said...


Would you work for FREE as my assistant writer's assistant? Cause that's about my budget...

@the musishian:

Hmmm... never thought about it as fan fic, exactly, but I guess in a way ALL of these vids are. So Whedon might be the first creator to actually REQUEST fan fic.