Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Abortions for Some, Tiny American Flag Pins for Others

I'll leave it up to you to decide if that title actually makes since for this post, but apparently the time has come to celebrate or get depressed, because sources are saying the Disney ABC Fellowship people have already sent out emails to the lucky few finalists.

Congrats, happy tidings and all that.

Now excuse me while I figure out what the heck is even speccable for next year... True Blood? Dexter? The Mentalist (shudders)?


whit said...

Can I just assume you already have your "Knight Rider" spec in the portfolio?

Lex said...

"Knight Rider"?
Please God don't let it be true. :(

Anonymous said...

ndependent Producer Edward Pressman (WALL STREET, AMERICAN PSYCHO, THANK YOU FOR NOT SMOKING) is looking for an assistant in LA. Previous industry experience, common sense, and impeccable writing skills. All of the regular duties, plus reading and coverage. Full time with benefits. Start immediately. Great position for someone interested in independent producing and development. Resumes to: cristen@pressman.com