Friday, November 21, 2008

Dead Dead?

I'm holding out hope that somehow, some way...somewhere Pushing Daisies will get more episodes, but that isn't looking very likely right now.


So, for your enjoyment -- and because this is probably the only way to get anyone to look at a script for a dead show -- here's a link to our sadly prophetically titled Daisies spec, Dead Dead.


R.A. Porter said...

That was quite an excellent PD. You and your partner should be proud.

Mine is likewise dead, made all the more painful because it was my Disney-ABC submission. So the spec became useless and I was rejected in the span of a couple weeks, there. Nice.

Josh said...

Well, you're in good company on the useless-rejected front. Not that we were EXPECTING to get in or anything.

Thanks for the kind words about our spec. That's really what this was really about -- trolling for compliments.

R.A. Porter said...