Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pushing Daisies - Now's the time to DVR it

Been awhile, right?

I have no good specific excuses other than the fact that Jul and I have fallen down the movie hole and are about halfway through the first draft of an animated feature (because, you know, that's a good idea; lots of people read those...)

More than that, I just haven't had much that inspired me to post. Sad clown.

What's drawn me back? Pushing Daisies.

We all know it's in its death throes right now...unless viewership really picks up.

In the old days, there wouldn't be much we could do about that unless we were Nielsen families, but today we're living in the future. We've got the internets and flying cars and TiVo.

Ah, TiVo. Live plus 7 ratings. Glorious.

I haven't researched this. I might very well be wrong. But I'm pretty sure that anyone who DVRs a show and watches it within the first 7 days is counted for the show's ratings. That means you, readers. And your friends and mothers and brothers and sisters and coworkers. We can actually affect ratings and possibly prevent this unique, clever, sweet and often hilarious show from getting canceled.

And if we do, who knows, maybe as a favor to us, Bryan Fuller will still offer to help out on Heroes too.

As long as it doesn't negatively affect his work on Daisies.


John Reha said...

Choose wisely. Fuller said he'd be very interested in going back to Heroes if Daisies got the ax.

Josh said...

There is no choice: Pushing Daisies.

meg said...

Why do you think PD hasn't caught on?

Josh said...

You mean "caught on this year," I suppose, because it was a modest hit last year.


too long out of the public consciousness? a wobbly (IMHO) beginning to the second season? increased competition? viewers not returning post-strike?

i just don't know.

Emily Blake said...

I heard that advertisers don't take DVR or Tivo into account because people usually skip the commercials. I could be wrong, though.

meg said...

yeah, why it didn't pick up any momentum this year.

I think not coming back after the strike hurt it

I'm not convinced dvr numbers really help...hit shows with good numbers don't need them and shows that need them don't ever get huge headline grabbing numbers that matter

Jane said...

Maybe it's because the two lead characters are boring. I love Lee Pace, and he does a great job of what he's been given, but Chuck and Ned are too perfect, too cute, and not nearly flawed enough to make me care about them. Now, if it was all about Olive and Emerson, then we'd have a show.