Monday, December 8, 2008

Network TV, you just got pwned

Because Time Magazine named Dr. Horrible as the 4th best TV show of the year.

They ranked it higher than Battlestar, Lost, The Wire -- even better than Architecture School! (No, that's not a joke.)

The only things to rank higher on their list are The Shield, Mad Men, and what really was the best drama of the year, the Presidential Election.

And in case you didn't notice -- Dr. Horrible isn't on TV!

Whedonesque has already picked this up (of course), but here you go.


meg said...


Taking a show not on tv and saying it's the best on tv makes the whole ranking suspect.

It was clever and enjoyable but those four short segments really don't compare to a full season of some shows ranked below it.

Harry said...

I think it's bordering on offensive, the wire is one of the best shows ever made and arguably so are the other two. Just think the Times are putting it in there to make a point worth discussing and evidently they've succeeded

Check out the blog Meg and Josh I'm liking this one

Anonymous said...

Hey, are you going to put up a new blog post ever again? :D