Friday, February 20, 2009

Sci-Friday Not All It's Cracked Up To Be

I love me some genre shows, and when it was announced a few months ago that Terminator and Dollhouse would air back-to-back on Friday nights -- already the night for Battlestar -- I was fairly giddy with excitement.

Man, how times have changed. (This is the part where I bitch and moan.)

Battlestar kicked things off pretty nicely with its returning episode, but since then has been stuck in what I consider a morass of "really, this again?" political intrigue and last week's Ellen/Sam-centric episode brought to you by Exposition. Seriously, guys? You really couldn't think of a better way to get the Cylon backstory out than having characters flat out recite it to us?

And then there was the double whammy of last week's Dollhouse and Terminator episodes, one a big mess and the other just ... boring. And having Boy Band Kyle Reese grow out his splotchy facial hair does NOT make him look more like Michael Biehn. I normally just try to ignore stuff like this (because, really, who cares?), but this was just so distracting.

If I sound like a cranky ass, it's only out of love. No, scratch that. For Dollhouse and Terminator it's love, because those shows (hopefully) have time to make changes and improve things. For Battlestar, sadly, it's just out of disappointment. Unless they can re-cut their way to better shows, at this point what we get is what we get.

Still, like the optimistic masochist I am (is that even a possible combination?), I will continue to watch and hope, and even pimp for these shows that I so want to be great. Or in Battlestar's case, great again.

Terminator and Dollhouse air on FOX tonight at 8 and 9, respectively.
Battlestar airs at 10pm on Sci-Fi.

Remember, people, as much as I might complain, these shows are only going to get better if enough people watch to keep them on air to give the creatives time to make them better.

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