Friday, March 13, 2009

Eat it, biotches

Cuz I've got words in a movie. And probably a lot of words in the video games. And come to think of it, potentially more words in another movie...

Benefits of being a writer's assistant, my friends. Especially when your bosses are really, really busy with stuff like, you know, directing the movie.

I've pitched dialogue that's made it in before, but dialogue has a way of... what's the phrase again? Changing a billion times. And then changing again. (Okay, so that's not really a phrase except in the sense that I just wrote it which kind of makes it a phrase. You know what I mean.) These words are different, because they're going in as actual text to be read in the movie, so once it's all digitalized (as opposed to digitized), it can't be taken out and rerecorded and mangled like dialogue. Once it's in, it's in.

Unless they, you know, just cut those shots completely. But that'll never happen. Right? Hmm...

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