Friday, March 6, 2009

Sci-Friday - Take 4

Last week's Sci-Friday was a mixed bag.

I didn't hate Sarah Connor like it seems many people did. Yes, the "which-one-is-a-dream" plotline has been done before, but I thought they hid reality fairly well, if for no other reason than -- Um, hey, how is the dude that she killed now holding her hostage? Also, it was fun to witness Sarah's various fears about Cameron shown through the haze of a dream. She makes pancakes better than Sarah? Come on.

Dollhouse was... well, it was kind of awful. What killed me was that the premise of the episode wasn't half bad, it was just poorly executed. I'll give Jed and Maurissa credit and assume network notes are to blame... After all, Eliza practically gave us permission not to watch until episode six, because that's when the bad supposedly stops. Sigh.

And Battlestar? Well, I'm slowing warming back up to my former love. This episode was a bit of a slow build for me, and the Chief-Boomer fantasy house/child/life together was cheesy with a captial EESY, but the Starbuck reveal was nicely done, and Boomer's betrayal... man, that was great. I'm still not sure exactly where it leaves us, but I do know that I'm excited again.

On that note:

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Jane said...

I'm getting awfully sick of a bunch of people sitting around talking on Battlestar. Maybe something, could, you know, happen?

I'm also getting sick of the screaming baby in this cafe who is just adding to my reluctance to work on my pilot.