Friday, March 20, 2009

Sci-Friday - Take 6

Mini-reviews for last week's episodes:

Sarah Connor - I'm not sure how, but we missed it again. So now there are two episodes to catch up on. My DVR is not happy with me right now.

Dollhouse - Another "not bad, not great" episode. My third favorite, I guess? I do enjoy the conversation it's engendered over in The A.V. Club comments about whether or not the "move your ass" line was kind of silly writing or Echo's personality (Caroline's personality?) asserting itself. Tonight is where things supposedly start to get good. In Joss I trust... "for a little while."

Battlestar - Flashbacks. Caprica. A call-to-action scene reminiscent of Adama's "let's find Earth" speech at the end of the miniseries. I liked the Baltar-Six stuff, but most of the rest of it didn't really move me. Ah, well. I've come to accept that it's all about the 18-hour finale tonight.

And speaking of tonight:

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