Wednesday, June 17, 2009

So... how scared are people about this?

A friend sent me this from an informational meeting on the ABC Disney Fellowship:


You don’t have to write a spec for an ABC show to be considered. You should spec a primetime network or cable show that’s been on at least three years (3 seasons) that is well known. It’s important to not only capture the voice of the show, but to really reflect your point of view. Bring something new to the table, something unique, while still working within the framework of the show.

Story Timeline: Your spec should be where the show is as of July 1st, 2009.

It's really that last one that is the kicker. Do you seriously need a spec that's current as of ... well, as of two weeks from today?

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junglenugget said...

That bothered me at first, too. And then I said: "screw it," and I wrote a spec set mid-season on a show that just finished it's first.... 3 seasons? Really? I guess they just want to read a bunch of "House" and uh... yeah, just "House" specs.