Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I'll be watching

There's actually quite a bit of TV I'm excited about this upcoming season. Below I'm going to put together an awesome fall schedule for you... of the TV Jul and I will be watching. Whee!

If you want a full schedule, go to a cooler site like The Futon Critic. Really. Their schedule is comprehensive and clearly laid out.

But anyway. Below is my schedule. I'm organizing by night and time, and I will mark new shows with an asterisk.


There's nothing on!!! But I guess we might do...

8pm - Heroes (sigh)
8:30pm - Accidentally On Purpose* (I've heard good things)
9pm - Greek (despite the fact that they didn't "want a writers PA who wants to be a writer." Uh, okay.)
10pm - Castle (it's nice to have there on the DVR for fun)


This night will either be very good or really boring, with lots of newness.

8pm - V* (but not until Nov. 3)
9pm - NCIS: Los Angeles* (we'll try it)
10pm - The Good Wife* (the pilot script came very highly recommended); Sons of Anarchy (liked -- but didn't love -- the first season)


Things start to get crowded, but could end up like Tuesday if the new shows suck or don't last...

8pm - Mercy* (Grey's Anatomy with nurses, right?)
8:30pm - The Middle* (you'll hear this a lot, but... I hear good things)
9pm - Friday Night Lights (we might actually get DirecTV in our condo... if we get our condo); Glee*; The Beautiful Life* (I know, I know, but reviews are good); The Modern Family* (reviews)
9:30pm - Cougar Town* (good reviews)
10pm - Eastwick* (the trailer left me less than excited, but...)


The best show of the fall? Maybe? Hopefully?

8pm - Flash Forward* (I'm soooo excited...); The Vampire Diaries* (...that I'm even willing to try this)
9pm - Grey's Anatomy; Fringe (I'll give it another shot); The Office
9:30pm - Community*/30 Rock (Community looks hilarious, and 30 Rock IS)


Poor Betty.

9pm - Dollhouse; Ugly Betty


Double D night. Yes, I'm lame.

9pm - Desperate Housewives; Dexter

Final tally, 13 returning shows we're still willing to watch, and 14 new shows we want to try. Also, this doesn't include things like The Prisoner or Spartacus that definitely have me interested, so that really pushes the balance toward new shows.

What are you going to watch?

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