Monday, March 15, 2010

Spoilers for the Next Episode of Glee from Paleyfest

The best thing about last night’s Glee panel is that they showed the 14th episode of Glee that won’t be airing until April. The worst? I have to wait until April to see the 15th episode. Argh!

So how was it? Well, I have to admit that the first 20 minutes or so of the episode had me a little bored. They reintroduced pretty much everything they did in the pilot. Shock of shocks, the Glee club is still “uncool,” and New Directions is again threatened by the principal and the unapologetically evil cheerleading coach Sue Sylverster played by Jane Lynch. The twist this time? They don’t just have to win sectionals, they have to win REGIONALS, or the program will be cut. Whoa, big diff!

But once we got past all the exposition and rehashing, it was a really good episode of Glee. Be prepared for some great one-liners (“Did you know that dolphins are really gay sharks?”) and some awesome performances. I’m going to go into further plot details below, so if that’s all you want to know about the episode, skip the next three paragraphs and go right to my write-up on the panel itself. If you want to be SPOILED!, read on.

Will asks the kids to find songs including the world ‘hello,’ resulting in renditions of the Doors’ “Hello I love You,” Lionel Richie’s “Hello,” Neil Diamond’s “Hello Again,” and the Beatles’ “Hello Goodbye.” Rachel — pissed at Finn after yet another rejection — chooses to focus on the first syllable with the All American Rejects’ song “Gives You Hell.”

Yes, Rachel and Finn are together when the episode starts, but that doesn’t last long with Sue’s interference. Instead, Rachel has a chance encounter with Jessie St. James, the lead singer for Vocal Adrenaline, the New Directions’ main rival. There’s a love connection made, but because of the team’s concerns about Jessie’s motives (is he just a spy?), Rachel and Jessie decide to date in secret. Meanwhile, Finn realizes that he wants Rachel back, leaving the leading lady feeling torn.

Will’s love life is also in shambles by the end of the episode. Things start off well between he and Emma (including one really sexy almost kiss,) but Emma isn’t quite ready to be intimate (in fact, she NEVER has been) and Will is still a bit of a wreck from his recent divorce. Instead, he ends up making out with the director of Vocal Adrenalin, and Emma has a nasty visit from Will’s ex that makes her question him. The two decide to put things on hold until they can figure out their issues.

In the panel that followed, the cast and crew spilled the beans on quite a few upcoming episodes.

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