Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happenings are afoot (size 13)

I don't know what that title means either, but I do know that one-armed dude just kneed centaur guy in his chest-crotch. Take that!

Also, I believe that future generations will look back and remember this as the summer of stuff.

Stuff like PAing and sometimes assisting. Comic-Conning as "professionals." Missing part of Comic-Con to be an actual professional. Coming closer-than-ever-before-(in progress, don't jinx it, don't jinx it) to-fellowshipping. Whistling past the graveyard of looming unemployment. Again.

And freelancing.

Mostly freelancing. A whole boatload of freelancing.

Search our names (mostly Jul's) and you will find articles on every subject known to man and dog, but there's also been a shocking amount of paid commercial script gigs, writing for company websites, and ghostwriting. Of novels. Crazy, right?

So what does our future hold?

I don't know. Stuff, probably.

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